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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

I've been continuing to work through ahimsa this month and the final week asks us to look at any way we interfere in other people's lives, then to reflect back to find what needs attention in our own lives (interfering with others is a great avoidance tactic) #ahimsa #yamasandniyamas

So it's been an interesting journey this month. What started out looking like a command to avoid harming others has almost turned around completely. Any violence comes from fear so the very best place to start to make a difference is within ourselves.

Only when we care for and love ourselves will we be in a position to do the same for others. #selfcare #loveyourself

Moving forward I will be:

  • Taking time to understand what I really need and want

  • Prioritising my life in accordance with those needs

  • Showing compassion for myself as well as others

  • Giving/ sharing freely what I can but stopping when I need to.

A daily practise of meditation and yoga is key to understanding myself so I'll be working hard to make sure this is a priority. Its so easy to let life squeeze those things out. #meditation #yogadaily

I wont be:

  • Filling every minute with busy

  • Apologising or making excuses for who I am

  • Making demands of myself for no reason.

Autumn is a great time for clearing out and letting go of old patterns and habits. I'm looking forward to clearing out and moving forward.

#clearingout #freshstart #mindfulmindfulness #iamwhoiam

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