Finding balance

This week I was challenged to find real balance, to understand what I need by listening to my body. This is actually much harder than you would expect. I found that most of the time my mind makes the decisions, closely followed by emotions. The body itself doesn’t really get a say in very much.

So tuning in to what the body had to say was interesting. When you step on to the mat try to forget everything else and focus only on each movement as you’re making it.

I actually had bad sinuses this week which clearly indicated that I really was out of balance. I had no choice but to to focus on eating well, sleeping well and not doing as much exercise as I would normally like.

No daily yoga and no daily run ! Only what my body needed on each day.

I feel much stronger for it.

I will be looking forward to getting back to more practice but I’ll be varying my sessions. Rather than running every day just because, followed by 1hr of yoga just because, I’ll be mixing it up. I need to nourish myself and build strength.

  • Yoga sessions will include more yin practice

  • Running will include shorter distance with strength emphasis

  • Meditation and pranayama will feature more regularly

Most of the time the messages from our body are more subtle and we need to take time to listen and understand. Connecting your mind and body really is one of the true gifts of yoga. We have been given this wonderful body for our time here on earth and we really should take care of it. When the body is working as it should be we can turn our focus to other things. Pursuing whatever our true purpose happens to be.

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