Ahimsa - non-violence

The first of the Yamas is Ahimsa or non-violence. #yamasandniyamas #yogaphilosophy #ahimsa #nonviolence

I consider myself to be a pacifist and I am a vegan, so surely I have this box well and truly ticked?

However all of the yamas and niyamas ask us to look deeper.

Here we are asked to go through life causing no harm. We should avoid any type of violence towards animals or humans , including ourselves. The harm could be physical, emotional or spiritual.

So I always avoid violence towards animals, but what about humans?

I would never cause physical harm but am I ever guilty of more subtle forms of violence? It becomes even more concerning when I start to consider how I treat myself.

In the book Deirdre encourages us to start by being more courageous. #deirdreadele

This week I am challenged to do something courageous every day. The reason for this? All violence comes from fear. #courage #violencefromfear

We need to identify our fears ( we are pretty good at hiding them even from ourselves !) then name them and Face them. I don't consider myself to be a fearful person but once I started honestly looking I surprised myself !!!

Most days the courageous event for me has involved letting go of my previous preconceptions (of myself more than anything else) and openly changing habits and moving forwards without fear.

I am far from perfect and that's OK. #perfection #selfacceptance When faced with these imperfections, I am normally very critical. This can start a cycle of self harm, emotional rather than physical. This can then actually lead to more subtle forms of physical harm by triggering habits such as over eating, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes etc. #criticism #selfharm

This week I have attempted to stop the criticism before it starts and just accept the imperfections as they are. Its a liberating experience and definitely makes me a better person.

Additionally, by being self critical I am unintentionally giving a message to others that I will judge them in the same way. This can cause unnecessary stress and harm to others around me ( colleagues, friends, family etc) #kindness #gentlenature #humility

Behaving in a way I don't normally behave, responding to triggers in a new and better way and allowing myself to change and evolve from the person I used to be is ultimately a joy but its a difficult and painful process. #evolution #freedom #reborn

Looking at yourself in the mirror and acknowledging faults is hard. Responding without fear and presenting yourself to the world as a different version of yourself is also scary. This is definitely a work in progress and I will allow myself the time I need to work on it. #honestliving #nofear

Could you challenge yourself to do something courageous every day? Let me know if you do. I'd love to hear about your progress. #shareprogress #shareexperience #challenge #evolve #rebirth

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