Sataya - Truthfulness

I'm coming back to the yamas and niyamas #yamasandniyamas

The second is Sataya. I have been thinking about this one for quite a while. This isn't about not telling lies to your mum, it's about living a life of truth.

Truth is an interesting thing. What was true for me in my twenties is no longer true for me now. How often do we check in and update our truth? #authenticlife

The problem with the truth is that it often asks difficult questions and leads us to make changes that are scary or difficult. Why make ourselves vulnerable when we can stick with the status quo, clinging to what we've always known?

I like to be effiicient and I try to automate anything that I do regularly. This means that I can do lots of things such as work, study, socialise, exercise etc.

I can get everything working in a nice system and it's comfotable. #multitasker

I can make myself so busy keeping the balance that I don't have time to stop and ask myself what I really want, what I genuinely need, who I am in this moment in time. #whoami?

Stopping and taking the time to look at our life from a different perspective, keeping an open mind and admitting when something needs to change is not an easy task. Looking carefully to see what we are not seeing, what we are perhaps blind to because of past experiences or prejudices, can be a painful process. #headinthesand #dontlook

I am a strong, driven, curious and independent middle-aged woman. I am a feminist, vegan, teacher, mathematician, engineer, christian, ultra runner, yoga teacher. I am also a daughter, sister, wife, friend, colleague, neice, cousin . . . #categories

Each of these labels carries with it some rules about how to look, how to behave, what's expected of me. Am I brave enough to throw them all off and just look inside to see who I truly am? What if I dont fit the criteria for my groups? What if I cannot be accepted in that form? #definitions #rulesoflife

This weeks challenge is to notice when I am being nice as opposed to when I am being truthful. How does it feel? Why do I choose nice instead of honest? What is my motivation? who is influencing me? How do I truly feel in that moment? What would I like to say, do, ask? #nice #honest

Do I choose acceptance or growth? #sefdiscovery #spiritualgrowth