What does bad Yoga mean?

I don't do perfect instragamable poses when I'm practising yoga. I could spend lots of time retaking, adjusting and editing but I choose not to. #yoga #asana #yogisofinstagram

I like to look at my pose and see what's gone wrong. I can then use that along with other indicators such as my mood, exercise and energy levels to assess how I am doing.

I can see in the pictures below that my shoulders are nowhere near where I'd like them to be. #mindbodyconnection #TCM #holisticliving #shoulders

I believe there may be several reasons for this:

· Posture

· Subconscious stress

· Sinus / neck issues

In part this is down to a sloppy posture and not enough practise over the last week or two, so I’ll definitely be addressing this. #posture #dailypractise

However, I also need to consider that I'm returning to work on Monday and it’s been 4 months since we left school to work from home. Although I am looking forward to returning and seeing all my classes I am also a little apprehensive. During this time, I’ve rarely been in the company of more than 1 or 2 people, We are not entirely sure what post lockdown school will look like and there are lots of unknowns. #stress #anxiety

I’ll be using pranayama and meditation to help me remove any subconscious anxiety I may be feeling about this. #mediatation #pranayama #relaxation #yoganidra

I have also had quite noticeable allergy symptoms recently and I often find my sinus issues are linked with tightness around my neck and shoulders. #allergies #netipot

Action points

Now that I've identified the issues I cant really ignore them. Things I'll be doing to address these issues:

  • Make time every day for physical practise, pranayama and meditation ( there is always enough time for this, it is just a matter of priorities)

  • Taking more time to breathe into postures, opening the chest and drawing my shoulders back and down.

  • Healthy eating: avoiding mucus forming foods, eating fresh, whole foods as much as possible and cutting back on sugar

  • Quality sleep: I will be making sure I have enough time in bed and I’ll avoid screen time in the evening.

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