Core stability and leg strength

Lockdown has been something none of us could have predicted. For the most part I adapted well. I started lockdown with running and yoga everyday. During April, May, June and July I managed to keep a nice weekly mileage reaching a 62 mile week in July. However, Various things such as my dad being unwell, getting a new puppy, insert other life stuff in here, have meant that the last 2 months have been quite sparse in terms of running.

I now feel ready to get back on the training, in fact I need it. #busylife #runningplans #yogapractice

During this running drought I have tried to keep a regular yoga practise and have been working on core stability and leg strength which are areas I need to improve upon. #corestrength #legstrength

Leg strength

The warrior poses are great for this. Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana II ) is really accessible and can be adapted for all abilities. #warrior2 #virabhadrasana

  • Stand tall in mountain pose

  • Exhale and step your left foot back

  • Raise your arms so they’re parallel to the mat with palms facing down

  • Turn your left foot out to the left 90 degrees

  • Align your right and left heels

  • Externally rotate your thighs

  • Bend your right knee over the right ankle so your shin is perpendicular

Once you are in position, take a moment to check in with your body.

  • Left leg is straight and strong ( outside edge of the foot is gripping the mat)

  • Right knee is opening to the right directly over your ankle

  • Tailbone is tucked under

  • Shoulders are softening down away from the ears

  • Core is engaged and torso is long and strong

To work harder,

Step the feet further apart and bend into the knee more ( not allowing it to go over the front foot)

Try to tuck the tailbone under and rotate the thighs outwards more to open the hip even further

To make it easier

Step the feet closer together and bring your body up more , you can deepen in to the stretch more when you are ready. Core

We activate the core in loads of yoga poses. One that specifically works to improve the core and can also be adapted for all abilities is boat pose ( Navasana)

  • Sit down with the soles of your feet on the mat and knees pointing up

  • Take hold of The back of your legs as you lift the feet up, leaning back slightly

  • Make sure your back does not round ( core is turned on and will keep your back straight)

  • Once you’re in position release your hands and hold them parallel to the floor.

To make it harder

straighten your legs so your body forms a V shape

To make it easier

Keep the hands on the hamstrings or place them on the floor beside your hips

It can also be a fun one to do with a friend 💜

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