Running and Yoga

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Running brought me to yoga and I am so glad it did!

I love to run. I don't run fast but I do love to run long. #yoga #ultrarunning

While this is one of my favourite things to do it isn't without its problems. Regardless of how careful I was I still seemed to get the odd niggle or injury during intense training patches. This is what brought me to Yoga. #recovery #injury

Don't just use yoga when you've got an injury use it to prevent them in the first place.

I have learned to use yoga to prevent injury rather than just helping to recover. After each run I do my daily practise. Depending on how I feel this could be a full on ashtanga class ( not for long run days !) or a rejuvenating restorative session allowing me to stretch deeply and asses how my body feels. #ashtanga #restorative

Listen to your body

I love a training plan (I love a spreadsheet with my training plan ) but running purely based on my spreadsheet can result in injury. I use my yoga practise to listen to my body and asses what I need. This way I can ensure I know when to have a rest day and when I can perhaps push myself a bit more. #trainingplan #mindbodyconnection

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