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I provide a variety of online seasonal yoga classes. Allowing you to practise from the comfort of your own home with no commute.

Seasonal yoga takes traditional yoga flow and aligns with the changing energies of nature and the seasons.

This works to improve your physical strength and flexibility. Additionally we focus on bringing stability and harmony to your life.

Classes include physical asanas, pranayama/breathing and meditation and cater for a variety of ability levels and interest groups.

Find details of classes and availability below. If you have any questions please contact me using the details below. 



Susan Lister

I'm a qualified yoga teacher, trained at Seasonal yoga.

I am a keen runner and this is what first brought me to yoga.

I found the physical practise improved my flexibility, recovery and running form. Once I began practising regularly I realised all of the additional benefits of yoga. 

I believe that movement in everyday is vital to keeping us healthy physically, and mentally. 

Regular yoga practise can improve your mind body and spirit.

I am also  a maths teacher by day. Teaching is something I very much enjoy. In both maths and yoga I seek to pass on my passion and love of the subjects to others.


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